What’s different about modern conventions?

When the Indiana Republican and Democratic parties meet this weekend and next, respectively, for biennial state conventions, the main attraction of each will be the selection of candidates for secretary of state, state auditor and state treasurer. Then again, these may only be main attractions in the nominal sense as both parties have unopposed slates […]

Historical Odds and Ends: What’s old is new again

As we’ve watched political events in Indiana unfold over the past few weeks (and really, as we’ve watched them unfold nationally over the past few years) there’s a temptation to suggest that we’re witnessing things that have never happened before, that we’re in a uniquely historical time in our politics. But with more than 200 […]

New page show legislative vacancy/caucus data

Just a small update today to showcase the newest permanent page on the blog: the Legislative Caucuses page that shows which vacant seats were filled by caucus. The page currently has three lists, which will automatically updated every time a vacancy is filled: 1. Current members who first came by caucus, 2. All members past […]

Filling in the data on filling vacant legislative seats

Back in October of 2013, Niki Kelly wrote an article for the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette analyzing the number of state legislators who first came into the General Assembly by way of a partisan caucus, rather than through a general election. It speaks to the thoroughness of her reporting (and the impact of the analysis) […]

Three legislators vie for tenure records in 2018 election

One of the nice things about having such a robust database here is the ability to quickly calculate records and dig into trends. Sometimes the data is straightforward, and sometimes it takes a bit of research to fully comprehend. Most of the time, though, its a mixed bag. For instance: Officially, only one State Senator […]

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