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Electoral Vote Records

The heart and soul of our database is our election results. So who holds the record for the most votes ever? What are the biggest margins of victory the state has ever seen? Who's won the most elections? Who's lost the most? Find out those answers, and more, here.
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Length of Tenure Records

The average public official in Indiana only serves between four and five years. Some, though, spend the majority of their lives in office. Whether you're curious about which Hoosiers spent the most combined time in any office, or want to see the leaders for each office, you'll find them here.
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U.S. Senate Pairs

Indiana only gets two Senators at any given time. What's the longest streak for the same two people to represent the state in the upper chamber? How often are both seats controlled by the same party? And how often are the seats held by different parties? We've got that info for you right here.
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