Rodney Pol, Jr.


Indiana Senate
District 4
In office
Nov 1, 2021 to Present

Party: Democratic
Assumed: Appointed by Caucus
Rodney Pol, Jr. spent 2 years, 5 months, 16 days in office in Indiana, all of it at the state level.


2022–Indiana Senate (District 4) WON
Democratic Primary–Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Rodney Pol, Jr. (i)*, Democratic, 3,517 votes
Lt. Governor: Vacant
Todd Connor, Democratic, 2,122 votes
Lt. Governor: Vacant
Deb Chubb, Democratic, 1,722 votes
Lt. Governor: Vacant
Ron Meer, Democratic, 620 votes
Lt. Governor: Vacant
Out of 7,981 votes casts, the margin of victory was 1,395 (17.48%)
In the 1 races for which we have results, Rodney Pol, Jr. had a record of 1-0. That includes a record of 1-0 in 1 primary election.