Richard E. Folz

Notable Facts

  • Served as Presiding Officer, Lt. Governor in the 96th General Assembly (1968-1970)


Lieutenant Governor
In office
Jan 13, 1969 to Jan 8, 1973

Party: Republican
Assumed: General Election
Left: Did Not Run
Richard E. Folz spent 3 years, 11 months, 26 days in office in Indiana, all of it at the state level.


1968–Lieutenant Governor WON
General Election–Tuesday, November 5, 1968
Richard E. Folz*, Republican, 1,084,904 votes
James W. Beatty, Democratic, 922,352 votes
James G. Harkless, Prohibition, 3,247 votes
Out of 2,010,503 votes casts, the margin of victory was 162,552 (8.08%)
In the 1 races for which we have results, Richard E. Folz had a record of 1-0. That includes a record of 1-0 in 1 general election.