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Based on reader feedback and our own use of the site, we’ve spent the weekend doing some minor spring cleaning on the website. Among the changes made and new features:

  1. A new page that allows you to search for politicians by last name. It was getting time consuming to have to go through the politicians-by-letter pages just to find a specific person, so this makes the process much quicker and easier.
  2. On individual politician pages, we made a few changes to the Electoral History section. First, we specify what sort of election is listed (currently General or Special, but hopefully Primary soon, as well). Second, underneath the table it breaks down their records by type (i.e., Marlin Stutzman is 3-0 in general elections, and 1-0 in special elections).
  3. On the Election Results page, each individual election result now has it’s own permalink listed. If you filter the results, this makes it easier to share individual results that you find or come back to them later. Along with this, we restructured how the links for individual elections work and updated them across all pages (note: this will also help once we get primary election data loaded).
  4. Also on the Election Results page, each individual results title was already set to the format {YEAR}–{OFFICE}. Now, the year links to all election results for that year, and the office for every result for that office. It’s a minor change that makes finding similar results much easier.
  5. The election results for the 1914 State Auditor race said there were 0 total votes cast, a 0 vote margin of victory, and a 0% margin of victory. The vote totals for candidates were correct, but those statistics hadn’t been calculated. We checked other races, and this was the only one that had this problem.