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Hoosiers in the Cabinet: Where do Pence, Azar, Buttigieg, and Klain fit into state history?

As the U.S. transitions presidential administrations, two Hoosiers are leaving the Cabinet while two others join. Here’s a look at all the Hoosiers we could find who have ever served in a Presidential Cabinet.

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The legacy of Daisy Lloyd: A brief history of black Hoosier women in office

The first black woman to hold any state office passed away recently with little media coverage. That would have been unimaginable when she blazed the trail a half-century ago.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mayor for life: The secret to Dick Lugar’s success

Want to understand Senator Dick Lugar’s approach to government? Then study Mayor Dick Lugar. Here’s a look at fascinating local history that was forgotten in the wake of his national achievement.

Reading Time: 11 minutes

Mr. Bayh goes to Indianapolis: A look at Birch Bayh as State Representative

Before Birch Bayh became a “modern day Founding Father” in the U.S. Senate, he served in the Indiana General Assembly. But there’s been virtually nothing written about his four terms there, until now.

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A quick look at U.S. Supreme Court Justices from Indiana

With Seventh Circuit Justice Amy Coney Barrett on a short list of potential Supreme Court nominees for President Trump, it begs the question: How many Hoosiers have served on the highest court in the land?

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Hoosiers to Know: John Brademas

In Indiana, John Brademas may be best known for saving South Bend after Studebaker closed. Nationally, he’s known for being one of the most influential people in 20th Century education policy.

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Hoosiers to Know: Charlie Halleck

Serving in Congress for nearly 34 years, Charlie Halleck climbed the ranks to serve as U.S. House Majority Leader. He’s better known, though, for serving as loyal opposition to the JFK and LBJ White Houses as House Minority Leader.

Reading Time: 7 minutes