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Historical odds and ends for the 2022 election results

“When is the last time a Republican won CD1?” and other historical tidbits for the 2022 election.

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Reader question: Has a third party ever held a statewide primary in Indiana?

If the Libertarian Secretary of State candidate gets 10%, the party gets to hold primary elections in the future. But is it an Indiana first?

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What Indiana’s 1974 election results tell us about what to expect 2020

The 1974 Watergate wave washed up in Indiana–the only modern electoral wave favoring Democrats to do so. With the U.S. House preparing to impeach President Trump, can we expect a repeat in the Hoosier state in 2020?

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Notify the Guinness folks: Indiana’s congressional maps could set a record

Under current maps, none of Indiana’s Congressional districts have switched parties since 2012. If that holds true in 2020, will it be a first? There’s not quite a “yes” or “no” answer.

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How and why a national wave election translates (or doesn’t) in Indiana

It’s generally assumed that national wave elections wash up on shore in most states. But what does the historical record show about wave elections in Indiana? The answer might surprise you.

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The close convention upset that history mostly forgot

For most Hoosier political junkies, it is the 1968 Indiana Republican Convention that best exemplifies a convention floor fight. But that race was as dramatic as people remember, and it was the Democratic Convention that year that should be remembered.

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What’s different about modern conventions?

Modern state party conventions don’t usually feature the drama of those held in the more distant past. Here’s a look at why that seems to be the case, and what used to be at stake.

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Holding Congressional elections after the start of Congress

From 1831 until 1851, Indiana held Congressional elections five months after the official start of Congress…but they weren’t the only state to do so.

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A time when party affiliation didn’t matter

From 1816 to 1832, Indiana politicians didn’t use party labels. Here’s the reason why.

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