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Introducing the Casualty List

38 years worth of sortable data on legislative turnover. Which session had the most legislators lose primaries? Where does this session rank for retirements? Find out those answers and more on the new Casualty List page.

Exploring the new database, Part 2: Charts, graphs, and maps

Part 2 of 3 explores a brand new feature, visualizations (charts and graphs), along with a newly rebuilt map system. Both serve to highlight the focus of graphical representation of data in the site’s relaunch.

Exploring the new database, Part 1: Results, records and stats

Part 1 of 3 that explains how to use the new database tools on my website. This article covers filtering through election results, electoral vote records, length of tenure records, and legislative caucus elections.

Welcome to the new Capitol & Washington

After nearly four months of work, I’m happy to unveil a newly rebuilt version of this website. This new version better highlights articles, is built to be mobile friendly, and features completely rebuilt tools.

New page show legislative vacancy/caucus data

A new page has been added that updates automatically every time a a legislative vacancy is filled by a caucus election of precinct committeemen.

New state legislative features: Length of tenure, legislators by county, and more

Since the big data dump earlier this week, I’ve been refining and adding features to the website. Here’s a brief update on new interactions now built into the website.

Major Update: Primary elections, more generals and specials, new search options, and more

Lots of new data has been added and many new features have been added, including the introduction of primary election results.

Spring Cleaning

We’ve rolled out some new minor changes, including permalinks for individual election results and a search feature for politicians.