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When I worked on Capitol Hill, I learned about the Casualty List–a list maintained by the Press Gallery about which members of Congress were retiring, resigning, and so on.

I’ve long thought about adding such a list to my site for the Indiana General Assembly, and have finally got around to building it. But I went far beyond just a real-time list of who is leaving the State House; I have compiled 38 years of legislative turnover data, and put it in a sortable form.

With my Casualty List tool, you can compare the current session to the last 19 sessions to see where it ranks for the number of members who have retired, resigned, or lost election. And for each of those 19 sessions, you can get a detailed list of who left the General Assembly and why.

In the near future, I plan to add data to the website that covers the entire modern era of the General Assembly from 1970 to the present, so stay tuned as this data gets updated.