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Reader question: Has a third party ever held a statewide primary in Indiana?

If the Libertarian Secretary of State candidate gets 10%, the party gets to hold primary elections in the future. But is it an Indiana first?

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A brief history of race and politics in Indiana

The idea of “white supremacy” in Indiana has often appeared in our history not as violent mobs, but as the mainstream politics of the masses.

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Site updates: Why I’m still listing the Superintendent of Public Instruction, women serving in office, and a new voter turnout tool

In the past month, I’ve quietly been adding data and creating new tools on the website. Here’s a look at all the recently added features, with a preview of what’s on deck.

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Lugar, Bayh will be rare Hoosier pols buried at Arlington

On July 24, Sen. Richard Lugar will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, and at some point in the future Sen. Birch Bayh will be, as well. But the reasons why these Senate giants will be interred there might not be what you think, and there are a lot fewer Hoosier politicians buried there than you might expect.

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Historical Odds and Ends: What’s old is new again

As we’ve watched political events in Indiana unfold over the past few weeks, there’s a temptation to suggest that we’re witnessing things that have never happened before. But with more than 200 years of state history to draw on, it turns out that King Solomon was probably right: There is nothing new under the sun.

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