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Just a small update today to showcase the newest permanent page on the blog: the Legislative Caucuses page that shows which vacant seats were filled by caucus. The page currently has three lists, which will automatically updated every time a vacancy is filled: 1. Current members who first came by caucus, 2. All members past and present that came in by caucus, and 3. Members who went into both the House and Senate each by caucus.

In addition to mentioning the names and dates, I added which counties the district represented, which members was being replaced, and why that member being replaced left office.  This will allow others to do their own further analysis (i.e., looking at the caucuses through a geographic lens), and also provides a better window into my own analysis (i.e., how I categorized the four different vacancy buckets).

The page can be accessed directly at, and it can also be found in the list of pages after clicking ‘Offices’ in the top menu. As always, I’m open to suggestions for other ways to dig into and display this data.