Stanley Gordon Jones, Jr.


Indiana House
District 30
In office
Nov 6, 1974 to Nov 3, 1982

Party: Democratic
Assumed: General Election
Left: Redistricting
District 26
In office
Nov 3, 1982 to Nov 7, 1990

Party: Democratic
Assumed: General Election
Left: Lost Reelection Bid
Stanley Gordon Jones, Jr. spent 16 years, 5 days in office in Indiana, all of it at the state level.


1992–Supt. of Public Instruction LOST
General Election–Tuesday, November 3, 1992
Sueellen Reed*, Republican, 1,066,385 votes
Stanley Gordon Jones, Jr., Democratic, 993,240 votes
Charles Tony Knight, New Alliance, 35,935 votes
Out of 2,095,560 votes casts, the margin of victory was 73,145 (3.49%)
In the 1 races for which we have results, Stanley Gordon Jones, Jr. had a record of 0-1. That includes a record of 0-1 in 1 general election.