Suzanne Crouch


Indiana House
District 78
In office
Oct 16, 2005 to Jan 1, 2014

Party: Republican
Assumed: Appointed by Caucus
Left: Assumed Other Office
Auditor of State
In office
Jan 2, 2014 to Jan 9, 2017

Party: Republican
Assumed: Appointed by Governor
Left: Assumed Other Office
Lieutenant Governor
In office
Jan 9, 2017 to Present

Party: Republican
Assumed: General Election
Left: Present
Suzanne Crouch spent 14 years, 4 months, 5 days in office in Indiana, all of it at the state level.


2014–Auditor of State WON
General Election–Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Suzanne Crouch (i)*, Republican, 793,633 votes
Michael A. Claytor, Democratic, 479,109 votes
John Schick, Libertarian, 58,332 votes
Out of 1,331,074 votes casts, the margin of victory was 314,524 (23.63%)
In the 1 races we have results for, Suzanne Crouch had a record of 1-0. That includes a record of 1-0 in 1 general election.