Kathy Zoucha


We found no record of Kathy Zoucha serving in elected office in Indiana. Our database only focuses on state and federal offices, so it's possible they served at a different level, or in an office not currently in our database.


2016–Indiana House (District 85) LOST
General Election–Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Dave Heine*, Republican, 19,166 votes
Kathy Zoucha, Democratic, 6,988 votes
Out of 26,154 votes casts, the margin of victory was 12,178 (46.56%)
2018–Indiana Senate (District 15) WON
Democratic Primary–Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Kathy Zoucha*, Democratic, 4,489 votes
Out of 4,489 votes casts, the margin of victory was 4,489 (100.00%)
2018–Indiana Senate (District 15) LOST
General Election–Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Liz Brown (i)*, Republican, 23,980 votes
Kathy Zoucha, Democratic, 19,321 votes
Out of 43,301 votes casts, the margin of victory was 4,659 (10.76%)
In the 3 races for which we have results, Kathy Zoucha had a record of 1-2. That includes a record of 0-2 in 2 general elections, and 1-0 in 1 primary election.