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A brief look behind the curtain

It’s been a few months since I’ve published a new post, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make C&W even better.

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Notify the Guinness folks: Indiana’s congressional maps could set a record

Under current maps, none of Indiana’s Congressional districts have switched parties since 2012. If that holds true in 2020, will it be a first? There’s not quite a “yes” or “no” answer.

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Exploring the new database, Part 3: Politicians and offices

We wrap up our exploration of the tools on the new version of the website with a look at the tools that help you research politicians and offices, including tools to see minority and women officeholders or rosters for every session of the General Assembly.

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Exploring the new database, Part 2: Charts, graphs, and maps

Part 2 of 3 explores a brand new feature, visualizations (charts and graphs), along with a newly rebuilt map system. Both serve to highlight the focus of graphical representation of data in the site’s relaunch.

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Exploring the new database, Part 1: Results, records and stats

Part 1 of 3 that explains how to use the new database tools on my website. This article covers filtering through election results, electoral vote records, length of tenure records, and legislative caucus elections.

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Welcome to the new Capitol & Washington

After nearly four months of work, I’m happy to unveil a newly rebuilt version of this website. This new version better highlights articles, is built to be mobile friendly, and features completely rebuilt tools.

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Lugar, Bayh will be rare Hoosier pols buried at Arlington

On July 24, Sen. Richard Lugar will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, and at some point in the future Sen. Birch Bayh will be, as well. But the reasons why these Senate giants will be interred there might not be what you think, and there are a lot fewer Hoosier politicians buried there than you might expect.

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The legacy of Daisy Lloyd: A brief history of black Hoosier women in office

The first black woman to hold any state office passed away recently with little media coverage. That would have been unimaginable when she blazed the trail a half-century ago.

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Mayor for life: The secret to Dick Lugar’s success

Want to understand Senator Dick Lugar’s approach to government? Then study Mayor Dick Lugar. Here’s a look at fascinating local history that was forgotten in the wake of his national achievement.

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