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What’s different about modern conventions?

Modern state party conventions don’t usually feature the drama of those held in the more distant past. Here’s a look at why that seems to be the case, and what used to be at stake.

Historical Odds and Ends: What’s old is new again

As we’ve watched political events in Indiana unfold over the past few weeks, there’s a temptation to suggest that we’re witnessing things that have never happened before. But with more than 200 years of state history to draw on, it turns out that King Solomon was probably right: There is nothing new under the sun.

New page show legislative vacancy/caucus data

A new page has been added that updates automatically every time a a legislative vacancy is filled by a caucus election of precinct committeemen.

Filling in the data on filling vacant legislative seats

Back in October of 2013, Niki Kelly wrote an article for the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette analyzing the number of state legislators who first came into the General Assembly by way of a partisan caucus, rather than through a general election. Five years later, I’ve pulled more data together to re-look at this issue.

Three legislators vie for tenure records in 2018 election

Wins in November would set up Pat Bauer to become the first legislator to serve for 50 years, and Frank Mrvan or Joe Zakas to become the longest-serving State Senators in history.

A brief history of Special Sessions in Indiana

Since 1970, there have only been 11 special sessions. 9 were to finish state budget process.

The Making of the Modern State Senate Pro Tem: Part 3, Taking Back the Senate

Part 3 of a three-part series explores the establishment of the modern version of the Pro Tem after Phil Gutman’s “Take Back the Senate” campaign.

The Making of the Modern State Senate Pro Tem: Part 2, the “Black Day” of the General Assembly

Second in a three part series: One of the most infamous events in State House history sets the stage for the State Senate’s modern power structure.

Baseball: America’s Pastime (*but not always on Sundays in Indiana)

It took decades to get done, but you can now buy beer on Sunday in Indiana. Still, that debate didn’t come close to matching the intensity of another Sunday activity that the General Assembly debated at the turn of the 20th century.