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New state legislative features: Length of tenure, legislators by county, and more

Since the big data dump earlier this week, I’ve been refining and adding features to the website. Here’s a brief update on new interactions now built into the website.

Biggest update yet: 200+ years of state legislative history

My Indiana political history database has more than tripled in size–from 2,500 to over 8,800 people–after adding in every person who ever served in the Indiana General Assembly.

Major Update: Primary elections, more generals and specials, new search options, and more

Lots of new data has been added and many new features have been added, including the introduction of primary election results.

Coming soon: Primary election results

In the first few months of this site being public, the most requested feature has been primary election results. And since Indiana looks headed towards an exciting 2016 primary election season, I thought it was probably a good idea to get those results loaded in.

Spring Cleaning

We’ve rolled out some new minor changes, including permalinks for individual election results and a search feature for politicians.

Reader Question: Has an Indiana governor ever lost a primary?

Not technically, but one sitting Governor wasn’t renominated by his party at their state convention. Find out who in this article.

Hoosiers to Know: John Brademas

In Indiana, John Brademas may be best known for saving South Bend after Studebaker closed. Nationally, he’s known for being one of the most influential people in 20th Century education policy.

Holding Congressional elections after the start of Congress

From 1831 until 1851, Indiana held Congressional elections five months after the official start of Congress…but they weren’t the only state to do so.

A time when party affiliation didn’t matter

From 1816 to 1832, Indiana politicians didn’t use party labels. Here’s the reason why.