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Three legislators vie for tenure records in 2018 election

Wins in November would set up Pat Bauer to become the first legislator to serve for 50 years, and Frank Mrvan or Joe Zakas to become the longest-serving State Senators in history.

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A brief history of Special Sessions in Indiana

Since 1970, there have only been 11 special sessions. 9 were to finish state budget process.

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The Making of the Modern State Senate Pro Tem: Part 3, Taking Back the Senate

Part 3 of a three-part series explores the establishment of the modern version of the Pro Tem after Phil Gutman’s “Take Back the Senate” campaign.

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The Making of the Modern State Senate Pro Tem: Part 2, the “Black Day” of the General Assembly

Second in a three part series: One of the most infamous events in State House history sets the stage for the State Senate’s modern power structure.

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Baseball: America’s Pastime (*but not always on Sundays in Indiana)

It took decades to get done, but you can now buy beer on Sunday in Indiana. Still, that debate didn’t come close to matching the intensity of another Sunday activity that the General Assembly debated at the turn of the 20th century.

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No, the ban on Sunday alcohol sales isn’t a prohibition era holdover

With Sunday sales of alcohol on the verge of being legal in Indiana, some reports claim that the ban dates back to the repeal of prohibition in 1933. Contrary to popular belief, though, it isn’t just an anachronistic holdover from the prohibition era, but actually dates back to the General Assembly’s first session.

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The Making of the Modern State Senate Pro Tem: Part 1, In the Beginning…

The first of a three part series exploring the evolution of the role of the Indiana State Senate Pro Tem.

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New state legislative features: Length of tenure, legislators by county, and more

Since the big data dump earlier this week, I’ve been refining and adding features to the website. Here’s a brief update on new interactions now built into the website.

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Biggest update yet: 200+ years of state legislative history

My Indiana political history database has more than tripled in size–from 2,500 to over 8,800 people–after adding in every person who ever served in the Indiana General Assembly.

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