Lugar, Bayh will be rare Hoosier pols buried at Arlington

On July 24, Sen. Richard Lugar will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery, and at some point in the future Sen. Birch Bayh will be, as well. To many Hoosiers, this makes sense: Both men were giants in the U.S. Senate who gave much to the nation and world through their leadership. It makes sense […]

The legacy of Daisy Lloyd: A brief history of black Hoosier women in office

Last month, the May 19 Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star ran an obituary notice for Dr. Daisy R. Lloyd. Outside of those 13 paragraphs–buried on page A29, the fourth and final page of paid obituaries placed by local funeral homes–there was apparently no media coverage of her passing locally or anywhere else in the […]

Mayor for life: The secret to Dick Lugar’s success

There’s an old aphorism about being a mayor that goes, “Plowing streets isn’t a partisan issue.” In other words: Being a Republican or Democrat might signal the governing approach of a legislator or a candidate for state or federal executive office with a broad range of powers, but it doesn’t tell you much about how […]

Mr. Bayh goes to Indianapolis: A look at Birch Bayh as State Representative

In the week since his death, much has been written about Birch Bayh‘s time in the U.S. Senate, and his place in the pantheon of American history. This is all rightfully so, as Bayh’s impact rivals that of any Hoosier to serve in our nation’s capital in any capacity. But before he was serving Hoosiers […]

A brief history of Indiana’s female legislators

Julia Nelson (R-Delaware County) never set out to be the first woman elected to the Indiana General Assembly. A long-time suffragette, Nelson was 56 years old in 1920 when women first got the right to vote in Indiana. She chaired the Delaware County Republican Women’s Club that year in order to encourage women to utilize […]

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